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Should You Take Prescription Medication For Anxiety Attacks? .. Are you considering taking prescription medication to help "cure" the symptoms of your anxiety attacks? Let's face it, we've all the seen the commercials from the various drug companies promising a ... Can a Canadian Pharmacy Provide the Same Medications as U.S. Sources? .. Canadian pharmacies online offer prescription medications at drastically reduced prices when compared to U.S. pharmacies. This is a well know fact. Yet, how do you know the medications from a ... Alternative Treatment for Depression: Learning How Herbs Can Aid in Treating Depression Naturally .. by Tess Thompson If you are like many of the 20.9 million adults in the U.S. who are suffering from depression, you have probably debated the pros and cons of taking prescription antidepressants. ... Natural Acne Treatment For Your Skin .. Acne is an embarrassing problem affecting both adults and teens today at ever increasing rates. Many of the prescription and over the counter treatments sold for this condition treat only the ... Can I Use A Canadian Pharmacy With Medicare Part D? .. There are questions every day about whether Canadian pharmacy services can really save you money, if they are safe and reliable and even if it's legal. There are also questions about whether ... Prescription Drugs vs. Natural Alternatives .. The availability of information has made it possible for people to become educated more quickly. Now that health and nutrition information is published in doctor's office, on television and radio, ... Acne Medicine .. Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin, caused by changes in the pilosebaceous units (skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland). Acne is the most common ... Herbal Treatments for Depression: Expanding the Options on Your List of Depression Medication .. by Tess Thompson Over 20 million adults in the U.S. are suffering from depression, and many of them have explored the use of antidepressant medication to help alleviate their symptoms. Not all ... New Medicare Report Estimates Impact on Seniors .. By Dave Porter (AXcess News) Washington - A new state-by-state report shows the impact on low-income seniors on Medicare's new prescription drug coverage. The study shows that the ... The Monthly Dangers of Inaccurate Prescribing. .. According to research undertaken by the Cornell University medical faculty on behalf of the Clinicians Reform Society of America, the sudden and otherwise unexplained deaths attributed to ... Prescription Medications for Acne .. Why should you visit a dermatologist? With the host of over-the-counter medications available, it can be quite a frustrating experience and long drawn process finding the right medication ... Treatment for Depression and Anxiety: Is Taking Prescription Medication for Anxiety the Best Option? .. by Tess Thompson Here is the good news about anxiety disorders: They are treatable. There are a variety of treatments for anxiety, including behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, ... New Medicare Drug Plan Stumbles .. By Staff (AXcess News) - Washington - As the launch of the new Medicare prescription drug plan gets underway, pharmacists are serving as a key resource in guiding millions of ... Acne Skin Care Treatment : Prescription Method .. It is a well-known fact that most acne sufferers do not seek the professional advice of a qualified doctor to treat their acne condition. The idea here is to consult a skin specialist, also ... Crohns Disease & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Is There A Cure? .. For the individuals who suffer from the mysterious symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), or the debilitating symptoms of Crohns Disease the question "Is there a cure?" weighs heavily on their ... Choose a Reputable Online Pharmacy .. Choose a Reputable Online Pharmacy The rising cost of health care medication & consultations is one of the most debatable & challenging issues facing the general public of United States. ...

Ayurvedic herbal medications, like conventional medications, may cause side effects, trigger allergic reactions, or interact with other medications or herbs you are taking. Some ayurvedic medications may contain high levels of heavy metals. A recent study found that about 1 in 5 ayurvedic medicine products available in grocery stores in the Boston area contained potentially harmful levels of lead and other heavy metals.1 Be sure to tell your doctor about all herbs and natural supplements that you are taking. If you have taken ayurvedic medicine products, ask your doctor about screening for heavy metals.

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As a general rule, existing medical conditions or on prescription medications should consult with their doctor or pharmacist before starting a new diet or supplement. St. John's Wort has been known to interact with some medications, and may decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. Consult with your doctor if you are taking any prescription medicines. Do not take St. John's Wort with other antidepressants. The ingredients in Mother's Blend have a long history of safe use in humans, including breastfeeding mothers.

Part of this ignorance is because these strong medications are available without prescriptions, and heavy television and magazine advertising has perhaps given the impression that cold medicines, pain killers, antihistamines, and other ubiquitous drugs are safe. In fact, OTC medications as a category are responsible for more than 150, 000 hospitalizations every year, according to the Food and Drug Administration, and almost 1000 OTC medications have been linked to liver toxicity, which causes about 2000 deaths annually in the United States (Ford MD et al 2001).


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