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Ayurvedic herbal medications, like conventional medications, may cause side effects, trigger allergic reactions, or interact with other medications or herbs you are taking. Some ayurvedic medications may contain high levels of heavy metals. A recent study found that about 1 in 5 ayurvedic medicine products available in grocery stores in the Boston area contained potentially harmful levels of lead and other heavy metals.1 Be sure to tell your doctor about all herbs and natural supplements that you are taking. If you have taken ayurvedic medicine products, ask your doctor about screening for heavy metals.

Generic Viagra - The Lower Cost Alternative .. Prescription drugs often come at a hefty price. The endless demand for cheaper medicines has led pharmacists to substitute drugs that are less expensive for the expensive branded products; these ... Finding Discount First Aid Kits .. Creating the perfectly stocked first aid kit may be too inexpensive, or the effort of traveling to different stores to buy the supplies too time consuming. To save money and time, consider buying a ... New Patent Law Likely to Benefit Indian Drug Industry .. by Anjana Pasricha The $5 billion Indian drug industry has flourished for decades under a patent regime allowing drug companies to copy medicines patented abroad provided they used a different ... What you need to know about - helping senior citizens .. Introduction The baby boomers is the population which haven taken birth after second world war till 1965 when there was a tremendous increase in birth rate due to the social and economic ... Students Stand Up For Forest .. While debates rage over the fate of Latin American rain forests, students in Woodbury Heights went ahead and saved more than 30 acres of the tropical land. All that these 200 or so ... Make Your Body More Flexible and Curvy With the Help of Meridia .. Because of an unorganized life style and unhealthy eating habits many people are loosing control over their weight. Crave for hunger when combined with high calorie food is the path leading to ... Homeopathy :: Which Way Now? .. Homeopathy has had its fair share of critics over the past few years. an American illusionist, James Randi, offered money to anyone who could prove, under laboratory conditions, that homeopathic ... Averting A Malaria Disaster .. 522 Faculty of Tropical Medicine AVERTING A MALARIA DISASTER White NJ 1 , Nosten F 1 , Looareesuwan S 2 , Watkin WM 3 , Marsh ... USA: Bush Blocks Cheap Drugs for World's Poor .. George Bush's close links with the drugs industry were last night blamed for the failure of talks in Geneva aimed at securing access to cheap medicines for developing ... Homeopathy :: Which Way Now? .. Homeopathy has had its fair share of critics over the past few years. an American illusionist, James Randi, offered money to anyone who could prove, under laboratory conditions, that homeopathic ... 10 ways to protect your self from bankruptcy caused by prolonged illness. .. Accidents and prolonged sickness can be a drain both emotionally as well as financially. Sometimes money crunch is caused by the inability to hold a job, or when the medical bills escalate and it ... Side Effects of Drugs .. All drugs has side effects. Some drugs makes you sleepy, others - like for example antidepressants - can give you a headache. Other remedies can make your heart beat fast. Why do drugs have side ... Researchers find effective, cheap treatment for cystic fibrosis lung disease .. Researchers find effective, cheap treatment for cystic fibrosis lung disease January 19, 2006 Working half a world away from each other, two teams of medical scientists ... South Africa: Drug Companies Drop AIDS Suit .. PRETORIA, South Africa -- In a move activists hoped would lead to a flood of affordable AIDS medication to Africa, the pharmaceutical industry dropped its suit Thursday challenging a South ... Customers Say the Electronic Medical Record is the Safer Choice .. The management of medical transcription ... AFRICA: WHO advisers urge drugs firms cut prices for poor .. International drugs companies should seek to reduce prices for medicines sold to the poorest countries and avoid filing for patent protection there, a report prepared for the World Health ... Thinking Of A Safe Way To Loose Weight? Buy Phentermine .. Gaining weight is easy. With some extra calories in your food, you can enter into the unhealthy world of obesity. Most of the people today, are overweight because of their mismanaged lifestyle. ... A Rapid And Cost Effective Method For Analysis Of Dinucleotide Repeat Polymorphisms .. 118 Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital A RAPID AND COST EFFECTIVE METHOD FOR ANALYSIS OF DINUCLEOTIDE REPEAT POLYMORPHISMS IN THE FACTOR VIII GENE ... Alternative Medicines - Why The Silence? .. If there are alternative medicines and natural treatments that really work, why don't we hear more about them? I don't think there are many true conspiracies around, but this is one of those areas ... Tapeworm's Chemical Trick Could Make Drugs More Effective .. Tapeworm's Chemical Trick Could Make Drugs More Effective By WTN News • 03/03/03 MADISON, WI - To survive and thrive in a decidedly hostile environment, the lowly tapeworm ... Pharmas will be forced into generic-drug strategy .. Pharmas will be forced into generic-drug strategy By Michael Rosen • 02/14/05 In past columns, I have written about the important impact that generic ... Be Safe While You Lose Weight With Weight Loss Drug .. I have faced so much embarrassment in the past due to extra pounds on my body. I couldn't think of regaining my flexibility. Everyone looked me like a person from other space. I was not able to ... WORLD: Drug Companies 'Failing to Meet Health Needs of World's Poorest'

.. The dominance of the global pharmaceutical firms in providing medicine to the world's poor faces its strongest challenge yet at a meeting of World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva this ... USA: Bayer, Anthrax and the WTO .. Three people have died of anthrax in the US. Two million die every year of Aids in Africa. The difference in numbers in huge, but the issue is the same -- patents. Is it right to ban cheaper ... Embarrassed by Your Obesity? Exterminate it With Phendimetrazine .. Mirror gives you a true picture of how you look. When I was overweight I always avoided looking at the mirror. My obesity was driving me away to enjoy life to the fullest. My friends never lost an ... Using Your Fresh Herbs In Infusions, Herbal Teas, or Decoctions As An Herbal Medicine. .. Recently it has been shown that high herbal tea and quality teas have many health benefits, especially Black and Green Tea. With all the news on Black and Green Tea lately, you may be considering ... Artemisinin-based therapy may not be the best treatment for uncomplicated malaria in Africa .. Artemisinin-based therapy may not be the best treatment for uncomplicated malaria in Africa July 26, 2005 A paper published in this month's PLoS Medicine suggests that ... Checking Luggage Do's and Don'ts .. As with everything else in life there are 'rules' governing the checking of your luggage when you travel. They aren't real complicated. Rather, they are more like common sense things to do. Paying ... Flax-Seed - a source for omega-3 fatty acids .. Flax seed has been a widely grown crop for thousands of years, and it is believed that it was one of the first plants that humans domesticated and farmed. It is one of the most versatile plants in ... Biotechnology has failed to live up to its promises .. Biotechnology has failed to live up to its promises October 14, 2005 Promises of cheaper and better drugs using biotechnologies have not been met, say researchers in this ... USA: Doctors Call for Abbott Boycott on AIDS Price Hike .. A group of AIDS doctors on Tuesday called for a boycott of drugs made by Abbott Laboratories Inc. to protest the company's recent price hike on an important HIV ... Why do you choose a Pharmacy online? .. I have been looking at online pharmacies for sometime now, and I am always curious what is there to make you choose which one you will use? Price? Are you looking for the quality ... A Daily Dose Can Make A Difference .. We live in an era where people take lots of medications. There are pills for dieting, pills for insomnia, pills for stomachaches, pills for headaches, and for virtually every ailment. If you ... Benzoyl Peroxide - The Whole Truth .. The majority of people, from teenagers to adults, suffer from embarrassing acne all over their face at some point in their life. Your face is your most frequently seen feature so it is ...

In Brazil and South American herbal medicine, it is used a neuromuscular An agent, such as a medication, that restores or increases body tone.

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Nitrates (medicines for angina); Retonavir or Indinavire (medicines for HIV); Ketoconazole or Itraconazole ( fungal medicines); Erythromycin (antibiotic); blockers (blood pressure medications) Please disclose any medications that you are taking on The Online Clinic consultation form. Levitra Prices Levitra is a prescription medication so we are not allowed to advertise the price of this treatment before you have completed a consultation with one of our doctors. We check the prices of our competitors regularly so we believe that we can deliver good value for money. If you do see the price of Levitra cheaper elsewhere, please let us know and we will offer to beat that price so long as the source is UK based and legitimate. We want to make sure that all customers get the best online deal possible for genuine medication.

In a case report, Dr. Dieter Lessnau, a clinical assistant professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine, old obese woman.


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